Textbook of Ayurveda, Volume Two: A Complete Guide to Clinical Assessment

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Tweaked with a taste for the young students of today, Dr. Vasant Lad presents an ages-old science in a systematic framework which remains true to its heritage and helps clarify the mysteries of Ayurveda from the classical Sanskrit texts.

The contents of this piece of literature concern those who desire to learn in comprehensive detail the many categories and phases of disorders and disease from the ancient texts of Ayurveda.

It also shows you how to detect and evaluate the conditions of the client.

Offering a thorough training in client assessment, the reader will come away with a new level of expertise in service to and knowledge of one’s patient.

Knowing precisely where the client is in the disease process enables the clinician to determine the most effective level of care necessary for them. .

This book is a must read for every learning and expert Ayurvedic practitioner. Read further to know more…

  • Filled with illustrations, tables, charts, clinical forms and practical examples, this book will lead the student through the methods of assessment using the historical applications of Ayurveda as well as more modern terms and techniques.
  • Discover in-depth techniques of assessment that include the five clinical barometers, three categories of clinical examination, eight methods of clinical examination, constitutional assessment and assessment of agni and metabolic waste.
  • Outlined as well are detailed and specialized information on disorders of the doshas, tissues, prana, tejas, ojas and the bodily channels.
  • Gain new understanding of the disease process, its stage of progression and the subtleties of the inner workings of the body.
  • Included are assessment forms for a full patient evaluation. These are the very methods used by Dr. Lad in his clinics.

I'm sure by now you feel assured and perhaps even confident that this book...this literary marvel is one which not only imparts knowledge on the cause of illness & disease but also shares knowledge of the stages in which a disease unfolds.

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Dr. Lad brings a wealth of classroom and practical experience to the United States. Dr. Lad is the author of numerous articles and several books including Ayurveda, The Science of Self Healing, and is co-author of The Yoga of Herbs and Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing. This textbook is the second volume of a four volume set. He is also the co-author of a book on marma therapy, Marma Points of Ayurveda.



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