Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2016 Nomination Special Collection

Product Description

We are excited to share that Just Herbs has received FIVE nominations in the prestigious Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2016 - the highest for any natural beauty brand this year! Just Herbs is the only natural skin care and made-in-India brand in this list of nominations among several international names. 

Especially for you, we have combined these five nominations into a beautiful collection kit so that you can enjoy only the best Ayurvedic, organic, natural, herbal skin and hair care.

The separate products are available from Just Herbs for $157.60, but we're giving them to you for a special discount - get these amazing products for only  $141.84 here now, exclusively on our website!

These are the five products nominated for the Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2016 included in your collection:

  • Aglow Neem-Chandan Skin Purifying Face Cleanser
  • Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir
  • Kimsukadi Tail – Glow Boosting Facial Oil
  • Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack
  • Kumuda Sacred Indian Lotus Hair Conditioner


Aglow Neem-Chandan Skin Purifying Face Cleanser
Packed with powerfully detoxifying precious Ayurvedic herbs, this skin clear formula is a mild, hypoallergenic and exfoliant peel with 4-in-1 action. It cleanses, exfoliates, detoxifies and tones while maintaining the natural pH of the skin for a perfect fresh, clean, matte complexion.


Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir
This multi-tasking night serum is a synergistic blend of treasured Indian herbs to nourish & restore a natural glow and youthfulness to tired, aging and pigmented skin. Plant polyphenols, flavornoids and carotenoids present in these precious botanicals are helpful in the treatment of spots and other forms of skin pigmentation, and also in diminishing fine lines and skin aging.


Kimsukadi Tail – Glow Boosting Facial Oil
This brightening facial oil is a classical Ayurvedic formulation that uses the bright orange Kinshuk (also known as palashtesu or the ‘flame of the forest’ ) flower - revered in Ayurveda for centuries for its skin soothing properties. The Kinshuk flower is blended with 17 precious Ayurvedic herbs to make this facial oil and is the perfect product to use if you’re looking to use something safe and effective that works on your skin while you’re asleep.

The herbs and plants used in this oil are documented as glow boosters in Ayurveda and are known to have a startling effect on pigmented, dull and aging skin and on pimple scars.


Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack
The lifting and firming mineral mud mask, with its powerful age control nutrients, is available in a ready to use form to tone and revitalize the skin for a youthful radiant glow. Sandalwood has antioxidant properties and soothes sun burns. The detoxifying and purifying action of the mineral clays, coupled with the rejuvenating effects of fennel and trigonella seeds, visibly tightens the skin with a natural glow.


Kumuda Sacred Indian Lotus Hair Conditioner
While regular conditioners may provide an instant smoothening effect, they may also cause silicones (commonly used conditioning agents in mass market products) to get deposited in your hair, making it greasy or heavy. Just Herbs’ gentle hair conditioner is free from silicones and smoothens and nourishes dull and damaged hair without causing ‘build-up’ in your strands. Vibhitaka, Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Bhringraj and hibiscus are known in Ayurveda for promoting hair health and stimulating growth while Fenugreek (Methi) helps fight hair thinning and hair loss. The fragrant Kumuda or Indian white waterlily adds elasticity, volume and body to brittle hair.

Aglow Neem-Chandan Skin Purifying Face Cleanser
Neem* 29%, Chandan (Satalum album) 6%, Triphala 12%, Accacia concina 12%, Gingiber officinalis 8%, Citrus Aurantium peel 12%, Chickpea flour 6%, Barley meal 6%, Citrus medica peel 2%, Curcuma longa 1%, Indian volcanic clay. *Certified Organic Ingredients


Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir
gotukola ext 4% Indian ginseng ext. 4%,  garden cress ext.1%, rosehip seed oil (vit c source) 2%, wheat germ oil (vit E source)1%,eucalyptus leaf  ext 1% fumitory ext. 2%, liquorice  ext.  2%, Indian Senna ext (botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid) 1%,naagkesar ext. 2%, certified organic cold pressed safflower oil (vit E source) 2%, colloidal oats 3%, certified organic cold pressed moringa seed oil (vit A & C source) 2%, allantoin 0.1% (plant derived) 


Kimsukadi Tail – Glow Boosting Facial Oil
Ayurvedic herbs including sandalwood, vetiver and nagkesar (Indian-rose chestnut) are noted as varanaya dravyas (complexion enhancers) in the Charak Samita, an ancient Indian Sanskrit text written thousands of years ago.

We cook these and other Ayurvedic roots, flowers and plants such as lac, Indian Madder, Mulethi, Vetiver and Himalayan Wild Cherry in cold-pressed sesame oil according to tail-pak vidhi (the traditional Ayurvedic way of oil making) to make the Kimsukadi Tail.

Other ingredients in this oil include Sacred Lotus Flower, Banyan roots, Padma Kesar, Henna, Turmeric root, Indian Sassaparilla and Patang.


Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack
Fennel 5%, Vetiver 2%, Sandalwood powder 2% ,Citrus medica peel 2%, Sandalwood oil 0.1%, Fenugreek seed ext*. 0.1%, Zinc oxide 0.1%, Aqua, Sandalwood hydrosol, Alovera leaf juice*, Vegetable Glycerine*, Bentonite clay, China clay, Indian volcanic clay, Disodium EDTA, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Herbs-Essential oil complex(Natural preservative), Fragrance.* Certified Organic Ingredients


Kumuda Sacred Indian Lotus Hair Conditioner
jojoba oil, Hibiscus ext.*, Indian water lily ext., Eclipta alba ext., Amla ext.*(Emblica officinalis), Vibhitakah (Balleric myrobalan) ext.,Fenugreek seed ext.*, Grapeseed oil,Glyceryl stearate citrate/ cetearyl alcohol /glyceryl caprylate***, Octyldo- decanol***, Veg.etable glycerine*, Soy lecithin, Dicaprylyl carbonate***,Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Natural preservative blend of herbs and essential oils,Citric acid (ph adjuster)

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