Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin Care

Summer means sunshine and longer days. The sun gives us energy for our mind and body, and as a source of Vitamin it has some benefits for our skin.  The trick is to protect our skin, without over-protecting it. Ayurveda has some tips for us:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun when angry, hungry or upset. These factors increase Pitta, which makes the skin more susceptible to sun damage.
  • Protect yourself with sunscreen, and also with clothing, hats, long sleeves, and sunglasses during times when you are most sensitive.
  • Avoid the mid-day sun. Early morning sun is more gentle to the skin.
  • Cool yourself from the inside by eating cool foods, salads, fresh sweet pears, and raisins.  Avoid hot foods, like peppers and chilies.
  • Cool down skin with a mask made of watermelon puree.  Avoid the eye area, and rinse off with lukewarm water after about 15 minutes.
  • Rosewater is wonderfully soothing to the skin.  Dab some on with a cotton ball after exposure to the sun. The healing properties of rose are especially Pitta balancing: cooling, moisturizing, and soothing.