7 Ways in which a Massage can Enhance your Living


Massage is an ancient Ayurvedic  practice, that, to be simply put, translates to 'kneading' or 'pressing' of the body and its vital joints.  The healing and recuperative qualities of massage have been well known around the world. During the process of massaging, applying gentle touch on certain pressure points can work wonders for the health and well being of your skin and body.  A well performed massage can recharge your mind, body as well as spirit. Some of the ways in which an overall body massage can restore your body rhythms are listed below:

  1. Relieves Tension

Complete oleation of the body eliminates tension locked in different sections of our body. The cleansing effect of a Massage easily pulls out strain from your body, thus giving it much needed respite.

  1. Relieves Anxiety

A refreshing experience from massaging occurs when toxins, heat and acidity are gradually released from your body with the help of some age-old massaging techniques. Toxins captured within your body create a web of anxiety, thus affecting your mental, physical and spiritual health.

  1. Helps with respiratory ailments

A massage can arguably help with respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies and sinus as well.   A well conducted research as mentioned by Anne Williams, the Education Program Director at Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals shows how massage therapy can have an uplifting effect in terms of blood circulation and breathing.

  1. Restores Peace of Mind

 Massage comes as a savior with stress, depression and anxiety plaguing our mental health. An oil therapy session, where medicinal oils are poured over the midpoint of your forehead is psycho-spiritual in nature, as per the Tibetan tradition.

  1. Replenishes and Rejuvenates

While massaging, circular motions around the orbit of your eyes or at the hollow of your temple, rejuvenate and replenish the skin tone and vibrancy. Soft, supple and a youthful, glowing skin is what you get after undergoing a facial massage.

  1. Lubricates your Joints

Massage is an excellent way to lubricate joints that have become brittle due to age or less sedentary activity. A massage focusing on gently relieving pressure ensures longevity of the bones and keeps joints functioning properly. An oil massage, for instance, performed by rubbing the Kansa or 'bronze' comprising of healing metals like copper and tin, oozes out stress and fatigue from your body.

  1. Helps you get a Tranquil Sleep

A lack of proper sleep can ultimately lead to obesity and slow performance at work. Based upon a research carried out by American Massage Therapy Association, massage has been shown to enhance sleep among infants, children, adults, as well as the aged.


Your massage experience get uplevelled with the Kansa wand that acts as your wellness partner, by helping you experience relaxation and relief in a very unique way. If you don’t have a lot of time and want a quick massage, simply apply some oil on your feet (choose between Jojoba based oils, coconut oil or sesame oil) and rub the surface of your feet up with the Kansa Wand in circular movements or up and down from the toes to the heel. Do this for 10 minutes on each foot and then experience a difference in your refreshed mental state as well as energy levels.